About this Blog

I play games and I have depression. I don't let those two things define me in all areas of my life, but they are both pretty important. As an offshoot of a couple of posts on an earlier blog I was running I started writing a book (which I may even finish) about the way mental health issues and madness are approached in games, and how they intersect, but some of the stuff that's come up as I'm doing so hasn't really fit in with the structure or the overarching thesis, so I decided to put them in a separate blog. I'm also going to blog about the experience of being a gamer with depression here, as again a lot of that isn't quite a correct fit in the book. It should go with out saying, but when I talk about experience it is an entirely subjective take.

I keep or have kept a couple of other blogs around and about the place.

Things I Failed to Do is a now largely defunct exercise in cataloguing failure and in the process re-defining it as essentially experience. This post on Eternal Darkness is where I started properly thinking critically and later began reading up on the subject.

Not Everything's All Doom and Gloom is a sort of general purpose blog. I keep changing my mind about what I'm trying to do with it, but I haven't written anything for it in ages. The one notable post on there for readers of this blog would this one on my experiences of taking citalopram.

I have two Tumblrs: I Know Why, a reference to this song, is now mainly wargaming reblogs while Vulpes Astartes, the name of my custom successor Space Marine chapter for 40k, is home to bad cameraphone pictures of my badly painted models.

I'm on Twitter informally as @metalblackbird and more formally as @amselvs, although I tweet more as the former it's only occasionally of any relevance to what I write about here. I'm also on Xbox live as metalblackbird and on PSN as merula_song. Find me if you like.